Sunday, August 1, 2010

Real life application of coordinate geometry

Coordinate geometry is applied to many professions and used by many in real life. For example it can be used by computer programmers. Computer programmers use coordinate geometry because most of the programs that they write generate PDF files. And in a PDF file, the printed page is one big coordinate plane. Coordinate geometry is thus used to position elements on the page. PDF files that are produced contains text, images and line drawings, all of which are placed into position by using (x,y) coordinates, distances, slopes, and simple trigonometry.

Coordinate geometry are also used in manipulating images. The selected image is like a big coordinate plane with each colour information as each individual points. Thus when the colours of the pictures are being manipulated, the points are changed.

Coordinate geometry are also applied in scanners. Scanners make use of coordinate geometry to reproduce the exact image of the selected picture in the computer. It manipulates the points of each information in the original documents and reproduces them in soft copy.

Thus coordinate geometry are widely used without our knowing. They are mostly commonly used in reproducing the original and also in IT forms.



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